The June 2007 Visit

Jennifer still needs assistance with her leg & education.

A Slideshow presentation of Jennifer's struggle.

Jennifer in 2003 before the operation.
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Men generously contributing.

The money Jennifer received.

Nelly Gayon, who is helping Jennifer.

In June 2007 a group of American men visiting Barranquilla learned of Jennifer's plight and invited Jennifer and her mother to visit them at the Hotel Puerta del Sol. The objective was to donate money for Jennifer, who has been one of our projects for the past few years. Because of a previous injury, her lower right leg had to be amputated. This surgical procedure was necessary for the future health and growth of Jennifer and was accomplished by generous, caring individuals donating both time and money. She was fitted with an artificial leg but she broke it while riding a bicycle. A total of $666 US dollars was donated ($495 US dollars + 309,000 pesos) to help Jennifer. Her artificial leg was repaired and we purchased her new aluminum crutches for emergencies ( $36.00 ).

Jennifer and her mother.

Our friend in Barranquilla, Nelly Gayon, is saving the remaining money (approx. $630 US dollars) for Jennifer. We are currently searching for a school that will accept her so she can continue her education and as she grows, she will need a new artificial leg.. Surprisingly, because of her handicap, some localcharitable organizations have chosen not to help Jennifer.

UPDATE - October 2016

Jennifer is now an adult, wife, and mother. Since she has reached her full adult height it is no longer necessary to replace her artifical leg with longer/larger versions. She is doing well and we wish to thank all of those who were involved with her medical issue. THANK YOU.

Raymond Campbell

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