The mission of Casa Corazón de la Misericordia (Heart of Mercy House), a home for children with HIV/AIDS who have been orphaned or abandoned or whose parents no longer care for them for economic or health reasons, is to create an integral, loving environment in which children can live fully. The Casa seeks to assure each child the necessary conditions to optimize the quality of life by providing the basic necessities, physical as well as psychological, sociological and spiritual; to create a milieu in which the human rights of each child are respected; and to accompany each child in an integral process of development whether through dying or in improved health.

This mission is an expression of the mission of the Sisters of Mercy, a Roman Catholic religious order committed to the service of the poor, the sick and the marginalized, especially women and children. The Sisters of Mercy have been serving in Honduras since 1959.


1) To optimize the quality of life of each child living at the Casa
2) To provide good, nutritional meals and appropriate clothing
3) To oversee each child's health care needs and to insure that each receive antiretroviral drugs and other medications to help relieve symptoms of opportunistic infections
4) To provide regular health care examinations
5) To assist each child to develop as fully as possible, emotionally, socially, and spiritually and in the knowledge of their Faith
6) To offer support to children and staff when a child dies
7) To insure that each child has access to education just like any other child so that she/he might reach her/his maximum potential, develop life skills and achieve social integration
8) To provide staff support and the opportunity for personal and professional development

The Mission